Mental Health First Responder

Mental Health First Responder


We are very proud to be one of the first companies in Ireland delivering this course.

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We have always seen it fit to train first aiders in companies to deal with physical injuries and illness. Now in Ireland we have accepted we have a huge rise in mental health problems and recognise the need for a mental health first responder in the workplace.

Price depends on programme delivered. Contact us for more info.

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Mental Health First Responder

This training teaches the student to recognise various mental health problems and what to do until further help is available. See below for list of topics covered

  • Identification of various mental health conditions
  • Signs and symptoms of poor mental health
  • How to start a conversation with someone who is suffering
  • How to mind your own mental health
  • How to promote positive mental health in the workplace

Companies can train staff at level 1/2/3

Level 1 is a half day awareness

Level 2 is a full day more in dept course with similar topics

Level 3 is a two day course that gives the staff the tools and materials to deliver a short 2 hour awareness on positive mental health within their workplace.

Price depends on programme delivered. Contact us for more info.


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